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MQ June 21 Work-In Pledge

What’s this pledge?

This pledge allows you to commit to attending the 2-hour work-in action at MQ from 10am to 12pm on Wednesday 21 June. By pledging, you commit to doing your part to build a Better MQ.

What’s a Work-In?

A Work-In is a form of protected industrial action where a group of NTEU members do their work from a central location rather than in their normal workplace. In our case, we are working in the lobby of the Chancellery. 

Why a Work-In?

A Work-In is a playfully irreverent form of protected industrial action to highlight NTEU members legitimate and urgent campaign proposals. The aim is to keep pressure on management to agree to better workplaces.

Why is this pledge important?

Our stop-work action was a huge success and we’re making progress on securing our proposals for better workplaces at MQ, but we need to keep the pressure on.

Together let’s Build a Better MQ.

I pledge to attend the two-hour work-in action on June 21: