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What happens

at our pickets?

Condsidering joining an NTEU picket line but wondering what exactly happens there?

Our pickets are peaceful assemblies. Pickets need to be strong and safe for everyone. A picket is also a place where everyone can experience the solidarity of collective action. You can come for an hour or two or longer if you can. It all helps!

Picket lines should take the following actions:

1. When a staff member, student or visitor wishes to cross a picket line, they should be encouraged to stop and given a leaflet about the strike and asked to reconsider their intention to cross the picket line. 

2. If the staff member, student or visitor indicates that she or he still intends to enter the University, the picketers will allow the person to pass without further disruption.

Picketer responsibilities include:

1. Picketers should outline the reasons for the picket to staff, students, and visitors, and hand out any written material or leaflets.

2. Picketers should act in a peaceful and orderly manner and should not threaten, intimidate, touch or physically prevent individuals from entering the Campus.

3. The Picket Coordinator is appointed as the principal union representative responsible for making decisions, coordinating action at each location, and maintaining observance of these guidelines. The Picket Coordinator should be identifiable (for instance through wearing a hi-vis vest).