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Donate to the UTS strike fund

Strike action means going without our wages. For many staff, particularly casuals, this can be the difference between making rent or not.

Please donate whatever you can afford to UTS support staff, including especially casual and low-income staff, who have made the commitment to withdraw their labour in support of the NTEU’s campaign for better workplaces, and better universities.

UTS invest in staff petition

University staff have sacrificed to keep things going through the pandemic. We’ve lost over 350 FTE staff through redundancies. Colleagues across the university are reporting increasingly unmanageable workloads and the majority of staff at UTS are still in precarious employment.

Meanwhile, UTS recorded a budget surplus of $122m in 2022.

It’s time to show respect to staff by using some of the surplus to invest in staff.

When staff working conditions suffer, students’ quality of learning suffers too.

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We support an Enterprise Agreement
that invests in UTS staff

As NTEU representatives meet with UTS management in Enterprise Bargaining negotiations, we the undersigned call on UTS management to meet our claims for:


  • A pay rise that keeps pace with inflation
  • Improved job security
  • Improved workload regulation
  • First Nations employment
  • A tighter definition of redundancy
  • Improved conditions for casual staff
  • Limiting workplace change impacts
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