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MQ May 31 Stop Work Pledge

What is this pledge?

This pledge allows you to commit to attending the 2-hour Stop Work (strike) action in-person at MQ from 12pm to 2pm on Wednesday 31 May 2023. By pledging, you commit to doing your part to build a Better MQ.

Why is this pledge important?

This is our first chance to really let management know that MQ staff care about building a Better MQ and stand behind our claims in bargaining. Our power is in our numbers, and every person counts.

By pledging, you commit to turning up, and when we all turn up together, our voice can be heard, and management feels the heat.

Can you help get your colleagues to attend?

At the end of this pledge is a tick-box for you to let us know whether you can help get your colleagues along. If you check this box, we will send you an Activist Pack, with tools and tips to get your colleagues along on the 31st.

Together let’s Build a Better MQ.

I pledge to attend the two-hour stop work action on May 31: