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UTS NTEU members holding banners during their strike

Flexible work

(professional staff)


Clause 19.1 – The University supports a holistic and comprehensive approach to flexibility which recognises the various forms that flexible work can take. Flexible work arrangements may be agreed at both a team level and/or an individual level in accordance with the University’s Flexible Work policies and frameworks in place from time to time (Flexible Work Policies).


How do you enforce your right to flexible work?

You have a range of options. You can:

  • Discuss an arrangement for your whole team with your supervisor.
  • Discuss an individual arrangement with your supervisor.
  • Ask the university to let you perform some or all of your duties from home.
  • Apply to work part-time for up to 3 years.

The University can only refuse flexible work arrangements on reasonable grounds. If they say no, they must give you a reason. There are steps you can take if you feel you aren’t being treated fairly.

Why it pays to be union-

As an NTEU member union reps and staff can help guide you and your work team through the flexible work application process, how to talk with your supervisor, and what to do if your supervisor refuses your request.


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