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Give to the UOW strike fund

Donations and raffle

Our strike fund is to support staff who experience financial hardship through lost pay – especially important for our casually employed colleagues. You can support our strike fund with a donation and/or a raffle ticket. 

1 x Ticket for $15
2 x Tickets for $20
3 x Tickets for $25

Raffle Winners will be announced LIVE at the Unibar, 5pm, 8 December 2022, at our end of year celebration.  At the end of the Raffle Draw we will be auctioning off Building 36^ to the highest bidder!

All welcome and bring your friends and colleagues!

Raffle prizes 


The “original” architectural drawings for Building 19


The right to rename the Jillian Broadbent Building


The right to rename the Paul Wellings Building


A gold-plated toilet seat belonging to a Deputy Chief Vice Associate Director Vice Associate Executive Chair


An Honorary Doctorate in whatever field you fancy, regardless of actual qualifications/  achievement/ experience


The “Innovation” part of “Innovation Campus”


$169M of debt to establish your very own Public-Private Partnership deal


A seat on University Council, but only if you work in Finance Sector or Real Estate


An Executive Dean role in the Faculty of your choice


A transcript of ‘Anonymous Attendee’ adventures at the All Staff Forum, August 2022


A hand-drawn picture of the authorised casual pay process


A free pass on any ‘working party’ invitation for all of 2023


The right to put all the buildings on Campus in the correct numerical order


Access to Financial reports in the year of your choice and a box of matches


A keynote address on a topic of your choice at Academic Senate, broadcast live and online with the chat function open and set to ‘anonymous attendee’


A month long internship as Federal Minister for Education


A free parking sticker that expires in 700 years, authorised by Chief Vice Deputy Associate Director President Chair


*note: This is satire. Winners will receive a special edition “Anonymous Attendee” mug.
^also a joke, we can’t actually afford all that wrapping paper, but the winner will receive a photograph of said Building and a mug.