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Secure jobs for university staff

Casual Conversion Package

  • Creation of 150 FTE ongoing academic roles.
  • A commitment to a 25% reduction in the proportion of the casual academic workforce on an FTE basis to the total FTE academic workforce.
  • Equitable distribution of roles.
  • Merit appointments.
  • WSU casuals have first opportunity to secure roles prior to external advertisement.
  • Incremental increase in research workloads with automatic entitlement to a normal workload allocation after year 3.

Conversion of Fixed-Term Employees

An applicant for conversion will be converted unless they have not performed satisfactorily, or the university no longer requires work of the same or similar nature to be performed by anyone. This reverses the onus in the current EAs.

Organisational Change

  • An Employee will not be subject to more than one organisational change process that may result in the termination of the Employee’s employment on the ground of redundancy (excluding VR/VS).
  • Where any ongoing work remaining from a disestablished position(s) cannot be accommodated within the available workload(s) of remaining ongoing and fixed term Employees, the position(s) will not be dis-established;
  • Within 12 months of the final change plan being released, University will conduct a review of the implemented change as against the rationale and expected outcomes detailed in the change plan.

Fair, manageable workloads

Professional Staff Workloads

Two mandated workload meetings per year in all work units, with a precise list of issues to be addressed. Supervisors responsible for proactively addressing signs of unreasonable workload among the employees under their supervision.

Respect for professional staff careers

Flexible Hours of Work Scheme

The Flexible Hours of Work Scheme made available to all Employees unless a Supervisor can demonstrate that an Employee’s participation in the Scheme is impractical for performance of the Employee’s core duties.

Commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment

  • Acknowledgement of country in Agreements.
  • Numeric target of 3% of the WSU workforce, but with ATSI casual employees now excluded from the count (Note: in 2021 casual employees were around 50% of the entire ATSI workforce).
  • The recognition of the rights of Indigenous Employees to assert and retain communal ownership of any cultural intellectual property including traditional knowledge and knowledge systems, and cultural expressions, language, practices, and heritage.

Inclusive workplaces

Domestic Violence Leave

Domestic Violence Leave to be increased from 10 to 20 days.

Gender Affirmation Leave

Gender Affirmation Leave of 20 days per year.

Fair and healthy work/life balance

Remote Working Arrangements

An expectation of two days a week working from home in normal circumstances. Supervisor can only decline if unreasonable and would unduly disrupt the work of the unit.

Right to Disconnect

The University does not expect or require an Employee to respond to communications received outside their normal working hours, or whilst they are on approved leave including concessional days.

Five NTEU members, 3 men and 2 women, holding placards in support of their bargaining campaign.

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