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UTS NTEU members holding banners during their strike

Annual & personal leave

(professional staff)

Annual Leave

      • Full-time staff are entitled to 4 weeks of Annual Leave per year; or proportional equivalent if part-time. Staff have the right to take annual leave in an unbroken period at a time that is mutually convenient between the staff member and the University. The University cannot unreasonably withhold agreement on when leave is taken. Casual staff do not have annual leave. 
      • Annual leave can be accumulated for up to 8 weeks on request, which shall not be unreasonably refused. staff must be given 3 months written notice for compulsory use of annual leave (of up to 10 weeks) and can retain 2 weeks. 
      • Annual leave may be cashed out in cases of hardship and may be able to be paid in advance.

Personal Leave

  • Full-time staff are entitled to 3 weeks (2 weeks sick leave; 1 week of other personal leave) per year to a maximum of 52 weeks; or proportional equivalent if part-time; casuals are exempt. Staff receive 5 weeks of personal leave on commencement and an additional 8 weeks in the first year.

    Other personal leave may be accessed for family/carer responsibilities, bereavement, moving; and volunteering (subject to limits).

    If either sick leave or other personal leave is exhausted, staff may use the remaining balance for leave.

Why it pays to be union-

There may be instances where management requests you take leave at a time or for a duration which is not in your interests. As an NTEU member you have guidance and support with advocating your preferences and assistance with escalating concerns when necessary.

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