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UoW College Petition

This petition will help send a clear message to UoW College management that College Teachers are determined and united in our call for a fair, 3-year agreement. Negotiations are at a difficult phase and if a clear majority of College teachers sign and support this petition it will strengthen Union Delegates hand at the negotiation table.

Please sign and share with all your College Teaching colleagues today.

For a fair, 3-year agreement

We, the undersigned, support our union campaign to achieve a fair UoW College Teachers Agreement.

We call upon the management of the UoW College to recognise the significant sacrifices and contributions that the College teachers have made for the past two years to sustain the College’s operations and keep it viable.

We demand:

  • immediate recognition in the form of fair wage outcomes that take into account the rising cost of living and;
  • improved conditions that take into account both increased workloads and the increased demand on our teaching skills and;
  • reward for our professional dedication that we, the teachers, have been diligently and consistently delivering for the benefit of all College students.

We are resolute in our determination to utilise all our workplace rights as UoW College staff and union members to secure a fair, three-year UoW College Teachers Agreement.

Sign the petition