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UTS NTEU members holding banners during their strike

Redundancy & redeployment


Agreement Clause 48.1 – This clause only applies to continuing staff members except the retrenchment benefit which may also apply to fixed-term staff members entitled to severance payment in accordance with the Agreement.

Some of your rights around Redundancy, Redeployment and Retrenchment?

  • Where it has been determined to make a specific position redundant, the University will provide 6 months notice of retrenchment and associated redeployment 
  • When a staff member is advised of retrenchment, the University may offer an option of 3 months notice plus an additional lump sum payment. This must be accepted within 2 weeks of notification of the offer.
  • During the notice period the University will proactively take all reasonable steps to identify positions to which the staff member may be redeployed.
  • When the staff member and the University agree that a position is a potential redeployment opportunity, the University will give priority consideration to the placement of that staff member.
  • The staff member will not refuse a reasonable offer of redeployment or training and may only be redeployed to a lower classified position by agreement.
  • The University may invite a staff member to apply for voluntary redundancy
  • A staff member who elects to seek a review of the decision to declare their position redundant must apply within 7 working days of the notice to the Chief People Officer to have the decision reviewed by the Redundancy Review Committee.

Why it pays to be union-

When there are threats of redundancy, NTEU members work together to minimise the impact by proposing alternatives and insisting on genuine redeployment options. As an NTEU member union reps and staff can help you navigate your rights in the event of University-imposed redundancy, redeployment or retrenchment. If you stand with us, we’ll stand by you.

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