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UTS NTEU members holding banners during their strike

Workplace change


Agreement Clause 47.1 – The University is committed to a transparent workplace change process, which ensures that it is able to adapt to changing circumstances while minimising and mitigating any adverse effects to the University community.

What are your rights around Workplace Change?

You cannot be subject to more than one formal workplace change process in a two-year period, provided a decision was made to proceed with the proposed changes and you were required to participate in a process involving the need to apply for new and/or a reduced number of available positions.

Retrenchment will be a last resort. The University will minimise the need for retrenchment to the extent reasonably practical by considering any proposals put forward by staff and/or NTEU reps during the consultation process. A few examples of measures that may be proposed by staff or the Union may include:

  • Reducing numbers through natural attrition
  • Inviting expressions of interest for voluntary redundancy
  • Pre-retirement contracts
  • Leave without pay 
  • Job sharing arrangements
  • Long service leave
  • Redeployment

Staff will be entitled to be represented by NTEU reps or other reps at any stage of discussion of the workplace change. When workplace change occurs, NTEU members work together to respond collectively. This the best way to achieve a positive outcome and avoid individual staff being isolated and targeted. The more of us standing together like this, the more protection we all have. 

If you do need individual representation, NTEU reps are trained, experienced and supported to assist NTEU members in these processes. If you stand with us, we’ll stand by you.


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